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Jared "Jay B." Boyd is a multimedia journalist, artist, humorist and on-air personality dedicated to telling stories that intersect the identity of people in the Southern United States, members of the hip-hop cultural gaze and the elusive millennial cool.

Currently writing for The Daily Memphian in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, Boyd covers topics that both enlighten and unify the Mid-South. Some of his previous works can be found on AL.com, It's A Southern Thing, in The Daily Mississippian, Jackson Free Press and the Commercial Appeal.

Even with a sharp focus in the sector of urban arts and entertainment, Boyd has covered a vast amount of topics outside of his typical sphere. He found a niche in Alabama as a statewide food writer, tasting and reviewing restaurants as a part of food competition "Alabama's Best". In association with Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Boyd was invited to moderate an interview with Civil Rights leader James Meredith for an exhibit in the Newseum. Additionally, Boyd is no stranger to turning daily deadlines as a breaking news content producer.

You can find him online, in print, on camera, onstage and probably on Twitter.