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It's "One-Hit Wonder Day", celebrate with these Top 40 Southern one-hit wonders

You no longer have to be embarrassed to be a "One-Hit Wonder".

Some of my favorite songs are by artists that have only once jumped into the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. And some of my least favorite artists are beloved among fans of Top 40 radio formats as dials turn to each summer's sizzling hits.

You guys may know how I feel about internet holidays. But, I can get down with saluting those brave artists who stepped out into mainstream success only once, before retreating to whatever the hell they were doing before then. September 25, all around the internet is #OneHitWonderDay.

In a previous post, I fleshed out what rap fans may have missed by writing off Alabama rapper Rich Boy as a fly-by-night contributor to the culture. In the past, I've done my part to express my love for other Southern one-hitters, all of which have vastly different backgrounds and stories behind their music. Last year, on this very day, I celebrated with a list of the Top 40 Southern One-Hit Wonders.

The list includes Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, Tom Tom Club and Billy Ray Cyrus, among others.

You'll for sure be surprised that some of these artists and bands have ties to the South. But, you may also find that some of the most revered artists in Southern music only had one bonafide Top 40 hit.

Read the full article, via, here.

Do you have a favorite one-hit wonder, Southern or otherwise? Let me know in the comments below.

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