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Stranger Raps: Hip-hop collides with the 'Upside Down' world

Just in time for the Halloween weekend celebrations the Netflix Original that paired 80's adventure film nostalgia with Stephen King-styled spookiness, "Stranger Things", is set for a Friday night return.

Maybe you'll be too busy getting rapped up in the revelry, while children trick-or-treat and adults dress up to drink. But, certainly, some of us will be wrapped up with some snacks and a partner for the epic binge-watching mating routine those of us have come to know and love: "The Netflix and Chill."

Anyone who fell in love with the trial of the core cast in the show's fictional Hawkins, Indiana, could tell you that the show's score is a character in itself. So, I decided to embrace the eerie synth that gives the show its signature sound by exploring examples in which the similar vibes appear in hip-hop's past and present.

In anticipation of the show's return, you've now got a full day to get hip to some of the spaciest waves available from rap artists who don't often get mentioned in the same sentence. From Future and Young Thug to Kool Keith and MF Doom, here's a playlist of "Stranger Raps".

Check out the promo video below and share it to show love.

Listen on TIDAL:

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